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WFH staples such as Lululemon loungewear, a silk sleep mask, “fireman vibrator”, luxury scented candles and a case of Bordeaux, because Dry Jan is officially over…

lululemon oversized crew

1. Lululemon loungewear

Loungewear remains our WFH uniform. Invest in this Lululemon perfectly oversized crew sweater. Toss it on after a home workout before you join a Zoom call, for that just-right, roomy fit. £88.00


2. Fortnum’s Hamper

Know a friend celebrating a special occasion during lockdown? Let them know how much you care with a Taste of Fortnum’s Hamper. £60.00


island poke diy kit

3. DIY Meal Kit

Become a poké pro at home with Island Poke DIY kit. You’ll get everything you need for 4 bowls; 2 Classic Ahi tuna and 2 Yuzu Lomi Lomi salmon, plus a load of sriracha mayo to slather on top. £32.00


OVEROSE Holo Anthurium Candle

5. Luxury Scented Candles

Burn a scented candle from Overose Paris to calm your aura while at work. Croissant scented candle anyone? £52


6. Sleep mask

This Kitsch satin sleep mask is your new, must-have bedside accessory for 2021. Soft, comfortable and luxurious, the adjustable strap allows for a perfect fit. £15.00


7. Case of Wine

Celebrate the end of Dry January with a case of wine from Bordeaux. We might not be able to travel but we can drink our way through the best wine region from our sofas. https://coastaleagles.com/


8. Pamper yourself

Create a spa evening at home and pamper yourself with this euphoric scented body cream. Soothing, nourishing and protecting the skin, with potent hydrators and anti-oxidants.


9. Gut friendly food

No digital queues and serving all your health needs. Nourish your gut with an online shop at Planet Organic.


10. Sex toy

This Fireman vibrator sports a unique flame-shaped helmet and he’s coming to your rescue. £39.95


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