The Art of Zen

Indaba Yoga

Sometimes, no amount of yoga, chanting and gong bathing can still a whirring mind. Believe us, we’ve tried…

Many of us are put off by words like meditation and mindfulness. But you don’t have to be a member of some Indian mystery club to learn the art of being still.

Whether you do it floating in water or inside an inflatable chromotherapy pod, here’s 5 alternative ways to calm an overstimulated mind…

The Floatworks

The Floatworks
What: Float inside a pod filled with Epsom salt water and drift into a deep, meditative state. Floatation therapy is shown to have a significant impact on mood enhancement by decreasing the production of cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline. It’s also great for athletes recovering from an injury.
Length of treatment: 60 minutes
Where: Floatworks, 17b St George Wharf, Vauxhall, SW8 2LE
Price: £50
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Light Lounge The Well

The Light Lounge 
What: An LED facial that stimulates collagen while delivering a boost of vitamin D and serotonin. Choose your music according to an emotion you want to feel and sit with your eyes closed as the light performs its magic.
Where: The Well at Clerkenwell London, 155 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3AD
Length of treatment: 20 minutes
Price: £40
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My Coocoon
What: An inflatable chromotherapy pod that uses colour, sound and scent to stimulate the senses. Sit through 12 different colour immersions, each with their own specific rhythm, wavelength and vibration, to take you on an emotional journey.
Length of treatment: 30 minutes
Where: Soho
Price: £45
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Nu Calm

What: It may feel like you’re going to the dentist… but instead of having your mouth prised open, you’re handed headphones playing classical music, a topical cream and micro-current stimulation patches to counteract beta brainwaves associated with adrenaline. Be lulled into a deep mediative state. It feels a little like taking a valium – but is completely drug free.
Length of treatment: 60 minutes
Where: The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, 93 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4RL
Price: £75.00
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India Yoga

Get High On Your Own Supply
What: On Saturday, March 4th, Rebecca Dennis and Marcus Veda will take you on a journey with your breath to a soundtrack mixed live to enhance the ride and open your mind. Experience a euphoric intensity lying down that many people would dance all night long to achieve. The aim is to get there by breath and beats alone.
Length of treatment: 3 hours (13:30 – 16:30)
Where: Indaba Yoga, 18 Hayes Place, Marylebone, London NW1 6UA (Room: Cirrus)
Price: £55
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