Top wellness destinations in the US to visit when we can travel again

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If you’re anything like us, we love international travel and can’t wait to go on our next adventure when the skies reopen. And where is the top of our list? America. From big cities to small spiritual towns, it has many exciting and jaw-droppingly beautiful places that are geared up for the wellness traveller. Here we reveal our three must-visit wellness destinations in the US…

New York

The one for boutique fitness freaks

While New York may have a reputation as the city that never sleeps, it’s not all about debauchery and late-night partying in the Big Apple. Increasingly, New Yorkers have sought ways to bring some calm into their busy city lives and with that, the wellness scene has blossomed. Burger joints and bagel shops now share their streets with health food cafes – and there is certainly no shortage of places to get a sweat on. Manhattan is teeming with boutique fitness studios for every type of exerciser. It’s the home of spin class giant Soul Cycle, as well as high-intensity fitness studio Tone House, which boasts the title of the hardest workout in NYC. For group boxing try Rumble and Overthrow, or if you prefer something more restorative flow to hip hop beats at Y7 Studio.

Photo: Soul Cycle


The one for spiritual spa-goers

Energy vortexes and world-famous spas have put Sedona, Arizona, on the map for wellness. Spiritual seekers from all across the globe travel to the desert town to see its famous vortexes – a swirling centre of energy radiating from the earth’s surface – that are believed to have the power to heal. Visitors can go on spiritual vortex tours (Sedona Mystical Tours and Vortex Yoga Hiking both come highly recommended) or book into a wellness retreat. One of the most luxurious is Mii amo, which is nestled into the red rocks of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon. The spa offers three, four, or seven-night all-inclusive packages comprising of Native American-inspired treatments, morning rituals in its Crystal Grotto, yoga, meditation and more.

Photo: Mii amo

Los Angeles

The one for wellness trendsetters

It’s easy to mock this city as the land of kale salads and green juice, but nowhere does self-care quite like LA. Often at the forefront of wellness trends – Los Angelenos were supping bone broth and hooking themselves up to IV drips long before the rest of us cottoned on – it’s the place to try new and ever more wacky ways to look and feel good. So where are some very LA spots? Smoothies are tailored to your specific alignment at Lifehouse Tonics on Sunset Boulevard, while lunch is served with a side of positive affirmations at Cafe Gratitude in Venice. Shape House (various locations) is where the stars go for a sweat session under infrared blankets and no trip to La La Land would be complete without a hike to the iconic Hollywood sign.

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