What sort of person are you on your period?

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Hangry, emotional – or horny? It’s different for everyone apparently – so what sort of person are you on your period?

We ask Lola Ross, registered nutritional therapist with a specialisation in women’s health, about all the types of person you can be.

“The onset of your menstrual bleed can often be a time of release. But having a period can be a totally different experience for each of us, as we respond uniquely to the hormonal shifts and our environment,” she says.

The hibernator

“Menstrual cramps combined with a medium to heavy flow on the first days of your bleed can make some women feel more insular and quiet – preferring to cuddle up with a hot water bottle over catching your usual evening exercise class, or attending a post-work event.

It’s likely that pain and blood flow will decrease after the first 2-3 days, and as energy-boosting oestrogen starts its ascent you may find yourself feeling more active and ready to play as your period continues.

For those who have a heavy flow, you may be prone to fatigue and low energy due to iron lost from your bleed. Iron is the mineral responsible for carrying oxygen in your blood to all the systems in your body, so keep an eye on iron intake through foods rich in iron, or speak to a health professional about the right dose iron supplement for you.”

The partier

“At the start of your bleed, oestrogen and progesterone are at their lowest point, but oestrogen is already starting to rise, and it’s likely that you are feeling more optimistic and sociable than the previous cycle phase. It is possible that you may want to go out more and be more connected to others, which can be a positive thing and contribute to elevating your mood and well being.”

The horny one

“When it comes to period sex – some women find the thought of it a total libido dampener and for others, their libido is at its highest level during their bleed and very much enjoy sex during this time.

An elevated sex drive may be influenced by mood and hormone stability and increased blood flow to the genital region, which may stimulate nerve endings making you feel more easily aroused. You may not feel like going out partying, but you can use this as a time to stay in and create sexual intimacy with your playmate.”

The smart one

“Rising oestrogen during your period week will also have some positive effects on the brain – clearing away any luteal phase brain fog. This can be a good time for planning your diary and plotting some more challenging tasks at work over the coming weeks when you and your oestrogen-fuelled brain is at its most decisive, clear and determined.”

And if you’re interested in this topic, be sure to read Period Power by Maisie Hill – chapter 3 is enlightening.

By Charlotte

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