Why is everyone suddenly talking about celery juice?

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It can’t just be us seeing celery juice everywhere – on Instagram, in magazines, hearing friends talk about it. We’ve known about the virtues of a good green juice for a while now. Charlotte set out to find out what was so great about celery specifically…


David Wiener is a training and nutrition specialist at fitness app Freeletics.“Celery juice is the new health craze which is taking the world by storm, with celebrities and influencers alike raving about its benefits,” he says. And for good reason, he elaborates. “Drinking celery juice is also a good way to consume vital vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which are beneficial for your health as it contains vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate, calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin B6. It also contains a high percentage of water and electrolytes, which can help to keep you hydrated, and your body functioning optimally. It’s packed with antioxidants which are known to help inflammatory conditions including diabetes and cell damage, which could be the cause early ageing.”

Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock agrees. “Celery juice has been shown to have anti- inflammatory properties due to a content of phytosterols, or plant chemicals,” she says. “The anti- inflammatory effect may help those with digestive issues, like IBS, and it also contains Vitamin K, which is needed for bone and heart heath, and vitamin C for immunity and skin health. Lastly, its diuretic properties may help with water retention and high blood pressure.”

The way it’s generally consumed, David says, is “you drink celery juice on an empty stomach each morning, and let it work its magic before eating or drinking anything else. Doing this daily could prevent bloating, boost your immune system, benefit gut health and have positive effects on your brain function and skin.”

So, celery juice is clearly great for you. However, if you hate it, or can’t be bothered to juice it, don’t think it’s the Holy Grail. “It’s good, but all greens are pretty good!” Gabriela says.  While it may be trendy, these things go in waves. “There is no evidence supporting celery being more ‘special’ than others,” she says.

David also points out that juicing celery will remove the fibre, which is worth taking into account. He also points out you should make sure you’re eating a balanced diet. And when it comes to vegetables, variety is the spice of life, so while I may add celery juice into my diet, I certainly won’t be religious about it when there are so many other healthy juices to be had.

By Charlotte

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