7 signs you are secretly addicted to the gym

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We get it, it’s easy to get hooked on that endorphin high. Here are seven signs that you may have become secretly addicted to the gym…

1. You have more workout clothes than normal clothes

Sweaty Betty, Lulu Lemon, P.E Nation – you’ve got the lot. You don’t even hesitate to spend anywhere upwards of £100 on a pair of leggings because you know you’ll wear them to death.

2. You set your alarm for 5am so you can train before work

And what’s more you bounce out of bed come rain or shine because you can’t wait to get to your workout class.

3. You cancel plans so you can go to gym

Happy hour? Forget it. You’d much rather sweat it out in the gym than drink two for one margaritas. You’re probably in the gym Friday and Saturday night, too.

4. And you’ll often workout twice in one day

One strength… one cardio. For body and mind!

5. You get withdrawal symptoms if you skip a session

Cue crankiness, restlessness and a serious case of gym guilt.

6. Your Instagram feed is full of gym selfies

Because did you even workout if you didn’t take a picture of you looking cute in the changing room?

7. By Friday your hair is basically 90 per cent dry shampoo

Absolute miracle worker.

By Sam

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