Ahead of the curve: the biggest beauty trends of 2019

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You know how you have those friends who just instinctively know what’s new and hot? Just think of us – or rather, Gigi Shaker, senior medical aesthetician at Young LDN – as that friend. Here are the biggest new beauty trends to help you stay ahead of the curve…


Photo: 111CRYO

Cryotherapy is one of the hottest trends in beauty right now and its many beneficial effects mean it’s here to stay. Using extremely low temperatures, this treatment rejuvenates skin by creating a micro-circulation effect that reduces inflammation, thereby eliminating puffiness, brightening dull complexions, and sculpting cheek bones.

Designer Statement Nails

Photo: Nail art @10blankcanvases

Nail art is the best way to experiment with full-on trends because you only commit a few weeks to any style at a time. Whether it’s trendy nail art or unique colours with indulgent twists such as monochrome and galaxy shades, this year you can easily make a fashion statement with OTT nails.

Big Brows and Long Lashes Are Going Nowhere

Yes, there was a time when thin brows were all the rage but thankfully 2019 is not one of those years! Constantly seen on the runways and on our favourite celebs is the groomed and thick brow and luxurious lashes. You might have resisted before, but the continued success of this trend suggests it might be time that you book yourself in for some serious grooming.

Just-Back-From-The-Facialist Skin

Healthy, glowing skin is in for 2019. Barely-there makeup and glossy cheek bones mimicked the ‘just had a facial look’ on the runways this February. To achieve this glow, take good care of your skin, be mindful of what products you use and try treatments such as the Hollywood Peel or Oxygen Facial at Young LDN to additionally rejuvenate, hydrate and boost your skin.

French Bold Lips

Pair your barely there makeup with bold lips. If you are unsure what your shade is, play around with different colours or even consult a make-up artist who will find the most wearable shade for you. With such a wide range of bold tones in vogue, you can be sure there is a dramatic lip that works for you whatever your complexion or lip shape.

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