Planetary energy: Harnessing the special vibe of each day

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Planetary Energy

Ever wondered where the phrase Mondayest Monday comes from? Or why we get that Friday feeling? It’s not just because everyone lives for the weekend. But actually, because each day is ruled by a different planet, releasing certain energy. DOSE writer Emily explains how we can use planetary energy to better flow through life. Disclaimer: you’re going to want to take notes on this one…

What is planetary energy?

You might have noticed that each day has a certain ‘feel’ to it. Well, we aren’t just living the way we do without reason.

Vienda Maria, writer and creative, tells us that: “In Ancient times the days of the week were named after celestial bodies. Each day carries the vibe of the planet or star it is named after. The tone of each day can be utilised to make our day-to-day lives smoother when we work with these energies, instead of against them. 

For example, Monday is the day of the Moon, perfect for tuning into our dreams, emotions and intuition. It’s no coincidence that people struggle with having to step gung-ho into new week energy on a Monday! Meanwhile, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Friday, so it’s no wonder we all feel such a light, uplifted energy on this day. Perfect for dates, connecting with friends and having fun.

Even if we’re not aware of them, these energetic vibrations are always working their magic behind the scenes. Think of them as an underlying current for those 24 hours. Impacting how you feel everyday. Of course your emotions, personal vibration and life circumstances come into play too. But, when we learn how to harness these energies, and use them to our advantage, we can shift our whole life. 

We like to think of them as our weekly forecast. Using them to plan our week accordingly. Or aligning certain tasks to a day when we know the planets are on our side.



Planetary Energy
The Moon

Monday, or shall we say Moonday? The start of our week and the day of the Moon. Known to stir our emotions, the moon asks us to turn our gaze inwards and get clear on how we really feel. Understanding your emotions can feel draining and the Moon does bring out the shadowy side of life, making us feel sensitive, moody and intuitive.

Hence why some people call it the Monday Blues. It’s not all blue though. You can reframe this energy, giving yourself permission to channel it and let your emotions flow freely. After all, being in touch with our feelings is one of our greatest strengths and enables us to step further into who we’re destined to be. 

It’s totally normal to feel a bit sluggish on a Monday as a result of this energy (we all know the feeling). But, if you’re really struggling with this day, there could be some pent up emotional energy in your body that needs addressing.

On the flip side, if you’re feeling emotionally healthy, Mondays can launch you forward into the week, bringing with it a wave of motivation. To ace your Monday, use this energy to be extra kind and compassionate to yourself, and drive your healing practices.  

What to do on a Monday?

Setting the emotional tone for the week ahead, Mondays are a day for quiet introspection and reflection. But also for illumination, imagination and magic. We’d recommend that you factor in some alone time to connect with yourself. As the first working day of our week (and sometimes the busiest), it can be easy to push your needs aside.

So, start your day earlier, immerse yourself in nature at lunch or even use the back of your to do list to jot down your feelings. Meditation, breathwork, journaling, day-dreaming and personal indulgence are all great things to do on a Monday. And most definitely, getting an early night.


Planetary Energy

Ruled by the planet of action, Mars, Tuesday is a force to be reckoned with. One of the more aggressive planets, Mars is commonly associated with our warrior side. So, Tuesdays planetary energy usually makes us feel impulsive, passionate, adventurous, productive and strong.  As a driving force in the working week, we can feel determined to make decisions, complete tasks and launch forward with new projects. Especially when it comes to our careers. You’ll be sure to feel like a boss on a Tuesday.

What to do on a Tuesday?

Tuesday is all about taking action. It’s a great day to get things done. Get clear on your passions, progress with your goals or make your wildest dreams come true. We recommend prioritising your to-do list, wrapping up a project that is perhaps long overdue or releasing some pent up energy through exercise. You might also feel drawn to declutter your space.


Planetary Energy

Wednesday belongs to Mercury, the planet of communication and expression. Nestled in the middle of the week, this is our most intellectual and creative day. With Mercury ruling the higher mind and perception, your imagination will likely run wild and brainstorming new ideas will naturally flourish. Although, Mercury is the fastest spinning planet. So Wednesdays can feel a bit frantic, especially when the planet is in retrograde. 

What to do on a Wednesday?

As the midpoint of our week, Wednesday is a great day to look at the energy you are expressing into the universe, and whether it is aligned with what you want for yourself. To best utilise this energy, schedule meetings and important calls, attend networking events and catch up on your emails. It’s also a great day to sign contracts (as long as Mercury isn’t in retrograde!) and get clear on your next steps.


Planetary Energy

Jupiter’s day. Thursday is the day for good luck and even better fortune. It is full of optimism and healing energy. With Jupiter being the planet of positivity and expansion, Thursdays make for happier productivity. Boosting our vibe just before the weekend and winding down for the end of the week, Thursday can get us moving on overdue tasks. As the most giving planet, Thursday is the best day to manage your money and wrap up any financial matters that have been lingering.

What to do on a Thursday?

From the moment you wake up, pay gratitude to all that you have and everything you’ve achieved. Big or small. Thursday is an excellent reminder to appreciate life. And of course, the people in it. So don’t forget to socialise with those who make you feel your best self.

Jupiter’s planetary energy expands our consciousness, so it’s a great day to begin a new hobby, or to start learning something new. We would also recommend tending to your financial matters and getting clear on how much more financial abundance you want to manifest into your life.


Planetary Energy

You know how people get really excited about Friday? That’s Venus’ upbeat planetary energy doing its thing. Ruled by the planet of creativity and enthusiasm, Friday is all about connecting with your favourite people (and yourself) and spreading love.

Radiating good vibes all round, it is the day to show kindness, appreciation and affection. Ending the traditional working week, Friday is also the day to shelve ideas and wrap up loose ends for the following week. There’s no better feeling than clocking off for the weekend right? 

What to do on a Friday?

With Venus ruling our sensual connections, Friday enhances pleasure, passion and intimacy. It’s basically a weekly Valentine’s Day, so, say hello to date night. Friday really gets us thinking about the people we love. It’s a great day to express love for your partner, family member or friends. Don’t forget to make time to indulge in yourself too.

Bubble baths and face masks or rom-coms and a bottle for one – whatever gets that oxytocin flowing. Be sure to celebrate yourself and everything you’re becoming while you’re at it.  



Ruled by the task-master planet of Saturn, Saturday is all about taking responsibility. Adding a bit more structure to your life and getting organised. Saturn carries a stern planetary energy, so it’s a great day to tackle big life admin projects that have been on your list for a while. Yep, that DIY job you’ve been putting off for weeks or finally deep cleaning the oven. Now’s the time. Saturn’s vibration will also make us feel grounded, level-headed and balanced.

What to do on a Saturday?

Saturday represents productivity and stamina. So, clearing clutter (you know that overflowing drawer we’re talking about), cleansing spaces and prepping for the week ahead are all effective ways to spend your day. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on the week passed, release any negative energy and let go of what’s no longer serving your highest good. 


The Sun
The Sun

Ruled by the Sun, Sunday is known as our day of rest. The energy of the Sun supports self-care, spiritual growth and replenishing the soul. It is a day to share, express and grow. The Sun is the most powerful planet in our solar system and every other planet rotates around it. Meaning Sunday is the day to prioritise the people who are most important to you. Social gatherings will flow to you with ease and you might feel drawn to catch up with old friends.

What to do on a Sunday?

Try not to schedule anything that demands too much of your energy. Instead, focus on your own health and wellbeing. We’d recommend connecting with yourself through yoga, tapping into your inner radiance through meditation or closing off the week with a relaxing bath. With the Sun being the brightest object in our sky, it is also an ideal day to bask in its warm, glowing energy (British weather permitting). 


There’s no hiding from the planetary energy of each day, so understanding how to harness them will bring only good. Even if you start making the smallest of day-to-day changes, you’re guaranteed to soak up the benefits. Recognising the full potential that the luminaries are offering, you will naturally thrive and maximise your highest possibilities. So, stop wishing away your least favourite days and instead, surrender to their special vibes and make them work for you. 

Vienda Maria facilitates women rising through online courses, workshops and live events. Using an interactive teaching style, she takes you on a heart-opening journey and through the lens of psychology, she offers a safe space to explore oneself, invoking attributes of femininity, spirit, and creativity. To find out more, visit: 

By Emily

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How can we harness planetary energy?

We can harness planetary energy by aligning our actions and intentions with the energy of the day, such as wearing certain colors or crystals, performing specific rituals, or focusing on certain goals.

What are some examples of planetary energy?

Some examples of planetary energy include the fiery energy of Mars on Tuesdays, the nurturing energy of the Moon on Mondays, and the expansive energy of Jupiter on Thursdays.

Is harnessing planetary energy a form of astrology?

Yes, harnessing planetary energy is a form of astrology that focuses on the energy of the planets and how it can influence our daily lives.

Can anyone harness planetary energy?

Yes, anyone can harness planetary energy regardless of their astrological sign or beliefs. It is simply a matter of being aware of the energy of the day and using it to our advantage.

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