5 Ways To Improve Your Running


Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis or a bog standard runner’s knee? Whether you’re a marathon runner suffering from an injury, or a park runner whose reached a plateaux with your training, it pays to asses your technique.

From foam rolling to aid myofacial release, to a stride lab that analyses your knee rotation and flexion, here’s 5 ways to improve your running…


Get some inspiration from Coach Victor – a professional 800m runner and UK Athletics qualified Running Coach. He coaches runners of all ability levels, and is available in Central and West London and the surrounding areas. Click here to book a session.

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Buy a Technogym treadmill (or win one in our competition). MYRUN is the first solution for running that integrates a treadmill and an app that syncs to your phone. Designed by runners for running lovers, it offers personalised training programmes and instant running feedback to improve the way you run – forever!



Try a gait analysis to learn more about your stride. Three high-speed cameras are positioned at the back, front and side. The front camera angle assists assessment of knee rotation and the camera at the side shows the extension of the leg and knee flexion upon impact. Click here to register for an analysis.

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Used by the world’s most elite athletes, the foam roller is an excellent tool to aid myofascial release, help you to warm up for a workout and reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for a better recovery. Studios like Bodyism wouldn’t dare to run a class without one. It’s time to slow down people, 2017 is all about Active Recovery


Join a club and learn what you’re doing right and wrong from other likeminded individuals. If you want to have some fun while you’re at it, team up with The Midnight runners. A movement born out of a love for our city, and desire to escape the confines of the gym. An ever growing crew of athletes of all ages, nationalities from different disciplines and backgrounds, united by a passion for meeting new people, taking on new challenges and keeping fit.

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