How ageing affects hormones according to a scientist

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As we age, falling levels of hormones, in particular, human growth hormone, result in reduced vitality, extra body fat and lack of elasticity in the skin to name a few. But there is a comprehensive supplement that can support healthy ageing. Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, a Cambridge-educated research scientist and founder of Lumity explains all…

When did you first start caring about the ageing process?

By my mid-thirties, I started noticing the usual signs of ageing: greying hair and expression lines, but these were not really affecting my quality of life. The symptoms that were really starting to have a negative impact on the way I felt on a daily basis were low energy levels and worse of all a weak immune system that meant I was frequently under the weather. I wanted to find a way to tangibly bolster the foundation of my health, strengthen my immune system, improve energy production in my body on a cellular level so that my days would not consist of a series of energy slumps. I desperately wanted to nudge my body back somehow towards a level of youthful efficiency that would make me feel and look my best again. I knew that in order to enjoy the years ahead of me, I had to identify the most effective nutritional support to maintain a strong level of health, vitality and balance, so that I could give the best of myself on a daily basis without feeling drained.


How are things like hormones, insulin resistance and inflammation affected by ageing?

Our bodies are very complex systems of interdependent processes. When one process loses efficiency, it has a knock-on effect on other processes. Disrupted hormone levels, insulin resistance and inflammation tend to increase with time and result in ageing. As we age, falling levels of hormones, in particular, human growth hormone, result in reduced vitality, extra body fat, reduced muscle tissue, slow healing, lack of elasticity in the skin and reduced immune function.

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that lowers blood sugar by promoting its transport from the blood stream into cells. Cells, in turn, use sugar as fuel to generate energy. Over-activation of insulin, due to the composition of our diets, makes cells progressively resistant. Cells become resistant to insulin as a form of self-protection following persistent bombardment. Muscle cells lose their ability to respond to insulin first and fat cells are the last to become insulin resistant, so they keep on taking in sugar. This leads to a fall in energy levels and a tendency towards weight gain.

Meanwhile, the persistent low-grade attack on all body tissues caused by chronic inflammation precedes and characterises most degenerative diseases. It impairs the functioning and repair of tissues and cells and accelerates ageing.


Most beauty supplement products focus on fighting free radical damage – how is Lumity different?

Free radicals can cause oxidative damage. However, free radicals are only one part of a bigger picture that results in ageing. Ageing is not caused by a single process, but is instead a result of several interdependent causes that progressively tip the balance between damage and repair in the body in favour of damage, so that damage progressively accumulates to produce signs of ageing.

By using targeted teams of nutrients, Lumity’s Morning & Night Supplement is able to support healthy ageing. By working in harmony with the body’s natural intelligence and tendency towards healing, targeted nutritional supplementation delivers tangible results, improving energy levels, strengthening cognitive function, immune resilience, the health and strength of skin, hair and nails, and overall balance and wellbeing.


How does Lumity’s two-step formula work?

Lumity’s unique 2-step formula offers the right nutritional support at the right time to help you look and feel your best all day, every day. Lumity is unique in that it is designed to work in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm. The body overall has two very different modes between daytime and nighttime and, by understanding and tailoring supplementation to the very different needs between day and night, we can support the healthier functioning and efficiency of our bodies. Daytime is active mode and we require strong defences, optimum function and efficient energy production – Lumity morning capsules restore the body’s vitality, boost mental clarity and focus, effectively protect against oxidative stress and bolster the healthy functioning of all systems, including the immune system and metabolism, while reviving skin, nails and hair, bones, joints, muscle function and teeth.

Lumity nighttime capsules harness the regenerative mode of sleep. This time is vital to repair all the damage we accumulate during the day from environmental toxins and just from being alive in active mode. If this crucial phase is compromised through poor sleep, late nights, stress, etc, which is so often the case, then damage will accumulate at a faster rate and result in accelerated ageing. Lumity nighttime capsules deliver targeted support to enhance this nighttime phase, prioritising not only the quality of sleep, but also the effectiveness of sleep to restore youthful health, vitality and radiance.

How important is circadian health to our skin?

Aside from the body’s circadian rhythm, day and night represent completely different environments for the skin. Day has UV exposure, more transdermal water loss and greater variations of temperature and humidity, the night usually presents more stable conditions. Protection is key during the day, while regeneration and repair should be the focus for nighttime. Skin cells actually operate on an ultradian rhythm (an oscillation that repeats multiple times during a 24-hour period rather than just the day-night cycle of the circadian rhythm), so this means that skincare needs to support all the skin’s cycles by providing both protection and supporting repair.

How ageing affects hormones according to a scientist

How important are supplements in addition to a good diet & lifestyle?

It is very difficult, even with the healthiest diet, to integrate all the nutrients our bodies need to be in optimum health just from the food we eat. Soils have been gradually stripped of vital nutrients, so crops have much lower nutrient content now than decades ago. Fruit and vegetables are often picked before they have ripened and reached their full nutrient potential in order to be shipped many miles away.

Many foods are now refined, processed and packaged in such a way that depletes their original levels of nutrients further. For all these reasons, the food we eat is not as rich in nutrients as it used to be and we may need a much greater quantity to get the same nutritional value as we would have integrated decades ago. Other reasons why supplements are important include restrictive, faddy diets, extra nutritional requirements during pregnancy and breast-feeding, also during illness or stress, which deplete nutrients, and poor gut health, which reduces our absorption of nutrients.

What results can we expect to see after taking Lumity supplements?

Lumity supports many different processes in the body. These processes are the same in everyone, but where you see the results first is individual. Lumity targets cellular energy production, so people will often see a lift in energy, greater clarity and mental focus and a reduction in energy slumps during the day. Lumity strengthens the immune system, which is less apparent, so often people won’t notice this at first until they look back over a few months of use and realise that they have not been ill since starting Lumity.

By the second month, people start noticing an improvement in their skin, hair and nails with stronger growth and greater radiance – this is when the compliments start rolling in. Better sleep is also a frequently cited benefit. Lumity also supports inner health, and that’s not so easy to detect in a mirror or feel tangibly, but it works around the clock to support the body’s defences.

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