3 Indulgent & Healthier Gin Cocktail recipes

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Let’s be honest, we all struggle to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle in December. It’s the month for wining and dining and catching up with every friend you haven’t seen since last year. Just embrace it. If you’re throwing a drinks or dinner party at home this season, why not try these delicious cocktail recipes to wow your guests…

Root to Fruit cocktail

What you need:

50ml Kongsgaard Gin

20ml Aperol

25ml Lemon juice

20ml Grapefruite juice

25ml Maple Syrup

Glass: Wine Glass

Method: Shake

Ice: Cubed

Garnish: Dehydrated lemon

The Lychee cocktail (only 100 calories)

What you need:

35ml King of Soho Gin

100ml Foco Coconut water with Lychee

5ml Lemon juice

5ml Rose Syrup


Glass: Champagne flute

Method: Shake well and double strain

Garnish: A Lychee


The Skinny Dingle

What you need:

35ml Dingle Original Gin

2-3 dashes flavoured Bitters e.g. peach, cucumber, grapefruit

2 squeezes of fresh lime

Soda water

Glass: Optional

Method: Shake

Ice: Cubed

Garnish: Lime or orange wedges

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