A Kylie butt lift for a fiver and clear, beautiful skin


Ever coveted Kylie Minogue’s sculpted butt and sparkly gold hot-pants? Try the Kylie Butt Lift at Frame Fitzrovia. A super focused class for those who want to lift, sculpt and shape that butt. Also on offer is HIIT&Chill, a high-octane class that ends with a blissful sound bath and meditation to help even the most amped-up adrenaline junkie chill out.

Book in for a class on Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th of June (we have 338 spots to fill!) and receive a pampering treat from Liz Earle to leave you looking and feeling your best…

Simply click on any class time to book for just £5:

Saturday 9th June

12.30pm –  HIIT & Chill
1.30pm  – TRX Train
2.15pm – Power Row

12.45pm – Kylie Butt Lift
1.45pm – Frame Barre
2.40pm – Beyonce Dance Class

12.30pm – Reformer Pilates
1.15pm – Reformer Pilates
2.00pm – Basic Reformer Pilates

Sunday 10th June

12.15pm – Ass and Abs
1pm – 80’s Aerobics

12.30pm – Hip Hop Yoga
1.45pm – Yin Yoga

12.45pm – Reformer Pilates
1.30pm – Basic Reformer Pilates

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Hettie Holmes

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