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It may look like a torture device but when it comes to targeting those nasty muscle knots it doesn’t get much better than the Theragun. It’s the ultimate massage tool that’s loved by pro athletes and celebrities – but is it worth the hype? We asked DOSE writer Rebekah to give the latest version a whirl…

Sometime in late 2017 while aimlessly scrolling through our social media feeds, the Theragun exploded onto the screens of handheld devices around the world. It was both a sight of wonder and amazement.

This oscillating weapon of muscle therapy, recovery and wellness resembled something more likely to be hanging in our tool sheds than laying in our gym bags. The internet exploded with scenes of men groaning, quads gyrating and shoulders pounding with intense pain relief, leaving us all wondering… what exactly is the Theragun? And, where the hell do I get one?!

The Theragun is the invention of Dr. Jason Wersland of D.C. USA, created in 2008 but officially launched in 2016. The vision was 100% natural pain relief, an intense muscle recovery that no massage therapist would ever be capable of delivering. Like most great achievements, the idea was born from a set-back, after Jason was badly injured in a motorcycle accident in 2007.

Ten years of fine tuning the optimal balance of torque, amplitude and frequency, the Theragun Liv is here. It’s a new smaller and more portable version of the original – and it really is a game changer.


Theragun describe the experience as ‘Percussive Therapy’, a combination of 16mm muscle treatment depth with a frequency of 40 percussions per second, all delivered through a handheld, battery operated device that can be positioned at all angles of the body.


Every day use is advised as a preventative approach to relieve general muscle soreness and tightness, help with stress, along with improving mobility and sleep quality. They say Theragun is particularly great for lower back pain, Carpal Tunnel, ‘Tech neck’ (yes, that’s a thing) and plantar fasciitis.

Although it’s endorsed by world renowned trainers, therapists and trusted by 250+ professional sports teams around the world, the Theragun is not just for athletes. An increasing amount of users are simply pursuing better overall health and wellness in their daily lives.


Firstly, the Liv model is much quieter than I had expected and will not wake up your neighbours. I also love the handy size and travel pouch, which is perfect for when you’re on the move. The agile design allows you to reach all areas of your body, without the need for an extra pair of hands (unless you’re into that of course) – and the 45 minute battery life on a single charge, is enough to deliver a consistent intensity of percussive therapy and you can even share the fun with your mates. Believe me, every one will want to have a go!


The Theragun Liv is available for £275. It includes a battery charger, travel pouch and two attachments for varying levels of intensity and targeted pain relief.



Let’s be honest, with our increasingly busy lives and the excessive physical demands placed on our bodies, finding the time to organise oneself, lay face-down on a massage table and hope the therapist ‘hits-the-spot’, is all a little overwhelming. The truth is, we need this kind of muscle therapy on a much more regular basis than, “Oooh, I think I’ll treat myself to a sports massage this month”. Theragun is certainly proving to be the daily recovery thousands of people never had.

Final thoughts on the Theragun Liv? Your shoulders will be eternally grateful – and take it with you on your travels and you’ll be the envy of the airport security line.

By Rebekah

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