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Transition Zone

Tucked away in a small street a 5 minute walk from Parsons Green lies a hidden gem fittingly named the “Transition Zone”

Founded by Claire Finlay, her aim was to create a no nonsense safe space for people to get fit and learn about their bodies.

Offering a timetable packed with classes from Pilates and Boxing to Power Plates, we decided to give Claire’s very own TRX circuits a try.

This is a 45 minute class that uses nearly every piece of kit in the studio. You start out on the TRX which is the perfect tool for picking holes in your body. Why? It’s all about what you can do with your own bodyweight incorporating strength, agility, cardio and of course your dear friend core.

Part two of this beautifully crafted workout begins as you slam balls, wrestle with battle ropes and throw kettle bells around until the clock says stop.

This class is most definitely what you need in your life, if you’re looking for a challenging full body workout to squeeze in your lunch break or before your morning commute.

Transition Zone has cycle racks for bikes, paid parking nearby, shower and changing facilities. But most importantly, an on site Recovery Cafe serving a array of healthy gluten and dairy free smoothies, juices and snacks to help with that post class crash.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial you are in a close proximity to a few pubs, Cote, La Pain Quotidien, District which serves great Aussie style coffee as well as Waitrose for those of you who like to make your own.

Address: Transition Zone, 17 Heathman’s Road, Parsons Green, London SW6 4TJ.

Tube: 2 minutes walk from Parsons Green. 15 minutes walk from Fulham Broadway.
2 minutes walk from New Kings Road. 8 minutes walk from Fulham Road.

Price: Buy one class and get the second free – £25.00 (£12.50 per class)

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By Cory

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