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Is running a marathon really anything like giving birth? They might both require superhuman feats of strength to complete, take months of preparation and leave you with a body that is so beaten up that the simplest task feels like an arduous battle. But researchers at the University of Michigan argue that labour is the most traumatic event the human body can undergo, according to MRIs used to scan birth injuries as well as sports injuries.

“If an athlete sustained a similar injury in the field, she’d be in an MRI machine in an instant,” says Janis Miller, associate professor at the U-M School of Nursing.

Hitting the wall at 20 miles might hurt like hell, but this hardly compares to the 20 HOURS my sister had to endure before she was finally given a c-section.

I might be in dire need of a pedicure, she’s just happy she can see her feet again.  At least I can carb load in peace, enjoy a magnesium soak without worrying that my stitches will dissolve in the bath, and hobble to my yoga class without being physically attached to another human being.

Why did we put ourselves through this again?

Thankfully there’s a service aimed at treating our respective war wounds that also gives us the opportunity to spend some quality time together – baby in tow. And it’s as easy as ordering an Uber…

Photo: Yogi2Me

You simply select your preferred time (45, 60 or 90 mins) and type of yoga. Classes range from Vinyasa, Yin to Hatha – there’s also sound-bathing, Thai massage and meditation.

We fix a time between feeds and as if by magic, Fleur, our German and very punctual Yogi2Me teacher specialising in post-natal yoga, arrives with a mat, blocks and a belt to assist the session.

Within minutes, we’re outside on the sunny rooftop of my sister’s apartment block, baby close by, melting into a Pigeon pose. A game changer.

With up to 5 bookings to be made per class, my sis is already planning her next session with a group of new mums in her block. This surely beats an NTC class any day.

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