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Hate long distance running but love convenient 30 minute workouts? Try DASH. A running collective that aims to re-educate you on the basic skills of running, teaching you speed, stamina and strength. Designed and instructed by track athletes, classes have been tailored with running drills and techniques to enable you to go faster, for longer, effortlessly. The best part? Your first class free! We caught up with DASH founder Sarada Nag who tells us more about what to expect…

How did you first get into athletics?

Athletics is one of those things you tend to get into at a young age, when you’re young and able to run quicker than the boys that definitely gives you the confidence to pester your parents to take you to your local track.

What was it like working with Linford Christie and Ron Roddan?

Having access to elite coaches means they have so much knowledge for both the physical and psychological aspects of running, so you definitely learn a lot for sure! They have the ability to push you to be the best possible version of yourself and as you would expect so much banter!

Biggest life achievement so far?

Setting up DASH. Seriously for anyone that wants to start anything remotely entrepreneurial, yes it’s hard work but amazing how much you learn and the amazing people you meet (I even met my boyfriend through doing this!) Having a brand that you grow organically and people to start to recognise is such a rewarding feeling.

Goals for the future?

Well, we’re currently plotting where we can open our very own DASH studio with our very own indoor track!

Tell us more about DASH, what do you hope to achieve?

DASH is all about teaching you how you can run faster, for longer, effortlessly. Our 30min classes are designed to train mind-to-muscle memory so that you prepare your body to run. It teaches running drills and techniques to get you using the right muscle groups in order for you to become more efficient – so that running actually becomes easier and you will be faster for it.

If you never give yourself the ability to sprint, you never know what you’re capable of. I would love to break down those barriers and get everyone sprinting, not just for health benefits but if anything it’s such a confidence boost.

How will regular sprint training improve our long-distance running?

Two main reasons:

Sprinting provides you with pace judgement. Meaning when you push your body to run faster than your usual pace, you’ll eventually be able to hold that “faster” pace for longer periods. You recruit a full range of muscle fibers when you’re sprinting – including those fast-twitch fibres – it sort of means that you have these “extra” muscle fibers available to draw from when you’re tired or trying to run hard at the end of a race.

Sprinting reinforces good running technique. It’s not just about running fast – the main part of it is actually speed drills, plyometric and conditioning work to instill correct technique so you’re able to run faster easier and most importantly so you don’t get injured.

Lots of people are training for marathons right now, can you give them any tips?

Where you can train on grass because the pavement will be doing way more damage to your joints than you think. Before you set out on your long runs, make sure you really PREPARE your body to run.

Start with a couple of running drills but really focus on how your body is moving in those drills, your body replicates that preparation work (this is as important as stretching!) Oh and of course mix up your training with some interval runs.

Photo: DASH
Can you provide 3 invaluable stretches for all runners?

Hip Flexor stretch: or Yoga Pigeon Pose: sit with your right knee bent and left leg stretched behind you, make sure your hip is on the mat. Try to keep your right heel toward your left hip. Then reach your hands in front of you.

Glute stretch: lay on your back with knees bent and feet off the floor. Rest one ankle on top of the opposite knee. Reach through your legs and gently pull the bottom thigh towards your chest.

Calfs: My calfs get SO tight & I find the best thing to do is find a step and drop your heel from the step, really great deep stretch.

What are 5 pieces of kit that runners can’t live without?

A decent, breathable pair of running leggings (if you buy a cheap pair that aren’t breathable you’ll find your legs burning up inside).

My foam roller – I have a love, hate relationship with it, because we cant get massages all the time this is great, just make sure you know how to use it.

Running Headband Ear Warmers – seriously when it’s cold I feel like this thing saves my life.

DECENT trainers – you’re going to need quite a lot of pairs. I personally find Adidas Boost trainers the best for my feet and nice and light weight. And if you’re doing a lot of mileage don’t be surprised that you’re going to need to change your trainers every 3 or 4 months.

So, I don’t wear a watch or anything like that (I actually use my £15 Casio watch to time myself – no joke) but when I go for longer runs Lumo run is great to review your running technique and gives you decent exercises to self-correct.

What would you say to people who hate running to encourage them to try DASH?

It’s only 30 mins. And don’t be put off by the word “sprinting” – it just means running faster than you would usually.

Life mantra?

“Better to be crazy, spontaneous and wrong than cautious and right every time”

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