Power Plate vs Foam Rollers: Which is better for recovery? 

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The Power Plate – formerly known as Madonna’s workout of choice – is making a comeback in fitness circles. The machine, originally created for Russian cosmonauts, uses vibrations to contract muscles whilst encouraging core stability. It’s probably already in your gym, and people often use it to create fast workouts that give results in a shorter time, because the vibrations are a workout in itself. 

And the company recently came out with a new version designed to take up only a small space in your home, making it easier than ever to get your vibrations on. 

But one of the secret uses of the Power Plate is to relax muscles. And fitness insiders also know the Power Plate as the faster way to get muscles worked out – much faster than a foam roller. Could this machine actually give me faster and better results than the trusty foam roller? Stacey tried the Power Plate Move for two weeks to see if it could….

Here’s what she found: 

It’s MUCH faster than foam rolling

My normal foam rolling strategy is ankles, calves, hamstrings, glutes, back. It takes about 15-20 minutes or longer. Using the Power Plate, I could get it all done in under 10 and IT DIDN’T HURT the way foam rolling does. That intense ache? Never shows up. And when I was done, it felt like I’d had a good massage. I was ready to rock my day and the post-exercise soreness never showed.  BONUS.

You can use it for more than just relaxing muscles

Following the Power Plate guide on the handy app (downloadable on Google and iStore) gives you convenient workouts you can do at home and yes, you can work up quite a sweat. It’s like doing an entire workout on a bosu ball. My core was aching as well as my muscles, which is a great result. And I could do a full body workout at home in 20 minutes that felt as effective as a 45 minute workout. 

But…the price

At almost £2500, the Power Plate Move is really a splurge. My foam roller was £15, and doesn’t need electricity – and I can carry it everywhere if I need to. That said, if my fairy godmother popped up and asked what my fitness equipment wish was, I’d definitely ask for this over any other piece of equipment.

So what’s the verdict?

It’s a huge time-saver and my body felt better overall than my foam-rolling self, but unless said fairy godmother shows up, I probably have to stick to the one in my gym to get the benefits. I’ll be using it for sure now though as part of my cool down rather than the evil foam roller!. As Power Plate ramps up marketing, I do expect that one machine to get more crowded, so I’ll get in there before others discover its amazing abilities, and hope my gym gets more in soon. 

By Stacey

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