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It’s summertime and the workouts are sweaty! From sunscreen to swim-proof fitness trackers, Spin instructor Stacey reveals her tried and tested gym bag essentials..

Well first, let’s be clear – summer is a great time to take your workout outdoors, especially as London keeps the sunlight going until almost 10pm. But summer workouts also require a bit of extra prep to keep you going strong so that you can embrace every workout, no matter how sunny or sweaty! These are my eight tried-and-true workout “helpers” that make every workout better. Even better, other than the Fitbit, most are under £10, and all easily fit in a pocket or small bag, so read on:

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced 50

The biggest mistake we make, according to dermatologists, is skipping the sunscreen because we don’t like the feeling of sweat and suncream running into our eyes (guilty). I’ve often been lax because I have really delicate skin, but now I’ve found my suncream savior. It’s designed for long wear without messing with sensitive skin, and it’s got ginger root extract and salicylic acid to actually improve your skin while it’s on. Save yourself a lot of costly Fraxel lasers in the future and wear this now.

Fitbit Inspire

I get a lot of encouragement from this beauty, and it’s important as I track my heart rate during classes. It’s the most accurate of all the fitness trackers I’ve tried, and it’s swimproof – important since I often put swimming into my summer workout routine. It covers steps, heart rate, and even helps when I sleep by telling me if I’ve had light or deep sleep. It works for about 4 days between charges, and gives me notifications on my phone. Even better, I don’t need to carry my phone for it to sync up and give me what I need.

UnderArmour UA Essential No-Show socks

I get blisters in hot weather – and I’ve got three pairs of ruined super pricey On Running trainers to prove it – UNLESS I wear these beauties. They’re made of a proprietary material that magically wicks sweat but feel ultra comfortable, no matter what shoes I’m wearing. And they don’t smell after washing like cotton socks tend to do. They come in a variety of colours and I always keep an extra pair in my bag.

Lululemon Stay Hot, Keep Cold Bottle

EVERYONE and I mean everyone, makes water bottles. But what makes this bottle different is a matte rubbery outside. This means it doesn’t slip out of your grip (helpful). And the double-walled stainless steel construction keeps it cold for a full day (you can use it in the winter for hot bevvies too).  And if it falls? It doesn’t make that clangy noise that brings the class concentration to a screeching halt. RESULT.

Lorna Jane Wash Today or No Gym Tomorrow bag

I know, it’s tempting to just throw your sweaties into a plastic bag and then from there straight into the wash. That said, I’ve lost some dearly beloved (and VERY expensive) workout wear this way to snags and holes. This bag removes plastic-bag temptation, because you can just toss your workout wear into this bag and then straight into the machine. It’s brilliant and I’ve no idea how I lived without it!

Sweaty Betty Spiral Hair Toggle

I’ve got delicate curly hair that breaks easily. While I’m always in awe of teachers who can work out with their hair all wild and flowing, I have to keep mine back or I get breakouts. So I depend on these little beauties to keep my hair back without breaking it. They come in a pack of five, which makes it easy to throw into all my bags and I’m never without one – they are just the right size and they spring back into shape quickly after holding my mop of hair.

Patchology Clean AF face wipes

The worst feeling ever is when you get to the gym and realise they have no makeup wipes. Because really, who wants to do class with a face full of makeup left over from the workday, and mascara streaming into your eyes during the sprint part? These are a one-stop clean and don’t require a full rinse after to make your face feel fresh.

Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo and conditioner

I bring these everywhere because London is full of weird water that messes with my hair texture and colour. These vegan shampoos are the only ones that help my hair come out perfectly every time – no matter how hard the water – and I’ve found my colour lasts longer when I’m using them, so I have little trial sizes now that I bring everywhere.

By Stacey

What are your top products for summertime workouts? Let us know [email protected]

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