Yes, adults using baby skincare products is a real thing

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When it comes to skincare, the market is booming, with new brands unveiled regularly and trends such as plant-based skincare showing no sign of abating. But just to keep you on your toes, there’s now a trend for adults using baby products on their skin, too. Charlotte investigates…

Why not, really?

It actually makes more sense than it initially seems. After all, baby products are designed for the most sensitive skin of all, so are often fragrance, allergen and paraben-free – basically, all things wellness seekers are looking for too, especially those who are prone to rashes and so on.

Cwtch is a Welsh skincare brand designed for mums and babies alike. Welsh for a cuddle or hug, it is 100 per cent natural, organic, vegan, toxin free, bio-active, cold-pressed and fairtrade, made with pure ingredients. Products are gentle but potent, and adults use them to treat psoriasis, to reduce fine lines and to hydrate skin; despite the initial intent of the products. For example, while the brand’s SWS balm was created to treat cradle cap and eczema for kids, which it does – but it also treats problem skin in adults, thanks to it containing nourishing Babassu oil, calming Calendula and antimicrobial elderberry fruit extract. It also smooths out lines around eyes and forehead and acts as a full body moisturiser.

Susanne Kaufmann’s Herbal Whey Bath is is suitable for both adults and babies. Luxurious, aromatic and nourishing, it offers a relaxing bath soak with whey, which detoxifies and regulates the skin’s pH balance, while chamomile and lime blossom balance and calm skin. It’s an easy way to bathe with your baby, without using separate products.

It’s cheaper, too

As for other baby product hacks, it’s well known that baby powder acts as a perfectly good alternative to dry shampoo – and because it’s not branded as such, it’s cheaper. Personally, I’ve been moisturising with baby oil for years, and nothing sinks into the skin or penetrates more deeply. Apparently it can take off make-up, too. And as for Sudacrem – it may be designed for nappy rash, but I slather it on ingrown hairs, spots and anywhere else that feels like it needs a little love.

And because these products are designed for babies, I use them with no fear that they will irritate my skin or cause a breakout. So what are you waiting for? See you in the baby aisle at Boots.

By Charlotte

Main image: anagoesgreen

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