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If you think lifting weights will leave you with bulging veins, biceps to rival Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bullfrog neck – think again.

“You would have to seriously increase your diet and protein intake to bulk and even then, women do not have enough testosteone in their bodies to build huge amounts of muscle”, says Personal Trainer Alice Rickard. “Ask a female body builder. They don’t look like that after a few weights sessions at the gym”.

In fact, lifting weights will help you lose weight much more efficiently than cardio. “When you do cardio you are only burning calories at the time you do the workout. With resistance training your body continues to burn during and after your workout as it requires energy to repair all the broken down muscle fibres. This is what people refer to as the after-burn. In addition muscle burns more calories than fat. So if you gain more muscle mass in your body you will be burning more calories per day also known as increasing your metabolic rate”.

Ready to take your training up a level? Here’s a round up of weightlifting classes and trainers in London to help you on your way…

Alice Rickard
Photo: Alice Rickard


What: Love the free weights area but need more inspiration? Learn how to clean and jerk, snatch and squat, deadlift and more. All abilities are welcome.

Trainer: Alice Rickard

Where: ONE LDN Tower Hill. Corner of 66 Prescot Street & St Marks Street. London. E1 8HG.

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What: A 50-minute strength and conditioning class that is as serious about Deadlift technique as it is about creating the most incredible experience and delivering a soundtrack of banging beats.

Trainer: Laura Hoggins

Where: Ministry Does Fitness. Arches 80 and 81. Newington Court. London. SE1 6DD.

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What: Forget the little dumbbells and wobble boards – this class is designed to build strength, muscle and definition effectively and safely using a variety of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and specialist equipment.

Trainer: Ali McKenzie

Where: Foundry. Black Prince Community Hub. 5 Beaufoy Walk. Lambeth. London. SE11 6HU.

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Alice Liveing
Photo: Alice Liveing


What: Alternating between upper body and lower body exercises to give you banging biceps and a super-toned body. Using a weighted bar or heavy dumbells and mixing weight based isolation work and compound power moves to build a lean and strong physique.

Trainer: Alice Liveing

Where: Multiple Third Space locations

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What: If online courses are more your thing, try this e-book with detailed videos and images to guide you to your first pull up. You will need access to a pull up bar, dumbbells and a TRX or equivalent to complete the programme.

Trainer: Joslyn Thompson

Where: Online

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