10 best Christmas gifts under £20

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It’s been a shocker of a year and this Christmas our presents need to do two things: 1) spark joy, and 2) be cheap. From an espresso martini-making kit to a skin-rejuvenating face mask set, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas gifts under £20. If you’ve got a bigger budget, check out our best Christmas gifts under £50 and our best Christmas gifts under £100.

Best Christmas Gifts Under £20

For the Espresso Martini fan…

With 50% less sugar and a relaxing shot of CBD, this espresso martini making kit has everything you need. Bottoms up!

Espresso Medatini Mini. £10.50 per pack | Shop here

Best gifts under £20

For the friend with a sweet tooth…

New York is home to the best, most innovative and Instagrammable desserts. This book – a guide to the best puds on the menu – will be a sugar fiend’s must-pack for their next trip to the Big Apple.

Hotspot Hunter New York Desserts book , £14.99 | Shop here

Best gifts under £20

For your friend who’s new to running…

Have you got a pal who discovered jogging during lockdown? She’s going to need a functional and badass bra. Et voila!

New Balance running sports bra, £20 | Shop here

gifts under £20


For the friend who can never have enough sports wear…

To be worn, well, all the time. As useful for working out as it is for working from home, we love this affordable Nike tee.

Nike swoosh top, £19.95 | Shop here

best gifts under £20

The face mask addict...

This Origins set comes with five different masks, each for a specific skin concern: Original Skin™ gently exfoliates and refines the look of pores; Drink Up™ Overnight infuses skin with 72-hour hydration; Hello, Calm™ nourishes and helps de-stress skin and senses; Clear Improvement™ deeply detoxifies; and Out of Trouble™ targets oily shine and helps prevent potential outbursts. Pamper session is… go!

Mask Delights set by Origins, £14.00 | Shop here

best gifts under £20

The friend with cold ears…

For those park walks and chilly runs, this Sweaty Betty headband is a perfect add-on to any outdoorsy look.

Sweaty Betty power headband, £20.00 | Shop here

Best gifts under £20

For the friend that loves bathtime…

Bubbles in the tub, bubbles in the air… as if baths weren’t heavenly enough, eh?

The Somerset Toiletry Co. Bubble blowing bubble bath, £5.99 | Shop here

best gifts under £20

For the friend that loves dumplings…

A bedside light in the shape of a dumpling. Have you seen anything cuter, ever? Good enough to eat, except that you mustn’t do that.

Little Bao Dumpling Light, £14.99 | Shop here

best gifts under £20

For the gin lover…

Pink gin, rose lemonade and a whopping slab of chocolate… what could go wrong?

Gordons pink gin set, £20 | Shop here

Best gifts under £20

For the sleep hunter…

A pillow case that won’t tug or damage your tresses and helps to hydrate your skin. Hello, beauty sleep…

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase, £15.00 | Shop here

Satin Pillowcase

For the friend who loves a shelfie…

Candles maketh the perfect shelfie. With slogans like ‘Don’t Be a D*ck’, ‘Gin Dependent Woman,’ and ‘Stay Classy, Sassy and Bad Assy,’ these are wicks to display with pride.

Personalised candles from Litwicks, from £16.00 | Shop here

best gifts under £20

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