The best trainers for different workouts

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Whether you’re headed for the race track or the CrossFit box, here’s our guide to the best trainers for 2020 that will satisfy all of your workout needs…


Nike Air Zoom SuperRep, £104.95 

Best trainers for different workouts

If high-intensity training is your thing, then Nike has answered all of your prayers with its new Air Zoom SuperRep trainer. The shoe has been specially made to absorb maximum impact for quick bursts of movement. Stand-out features include a ‘burpee break’ that provides stability in planks and allows the foot to naturally bend when performing mountain climbers. Available in dusky pink and navy blue.


Adidas Ultraboost 20, £159.95

Best trainers for different workouts

High up on our list of best trainers for different workouts is Adidas’s revolutionary Ultraboost range. It continues to push the boundaries by bridging the gap between performance running shoes and fashion footwear. Its latest version – Ultraboost 20 – features a snug, sock-like fit and responsive cushioning that returns energy to your stride for that ‘I-could-run-forever’ feeling.


Nike Metcon 5, £114.95 

Best trainers for different workouts

Nike Metcon tops the charts when it comes to a workout shoe geared towards heavy lifting. The Metcon 5 is Nike’s most stable version yet with a wider heel that provides max support for squats, snatches, cleans and shoulder-to-overhead movements. They also come with removable Hyperlift heel inserts that give an additional 8mm lift for men and 6mm for women to further improve stability.


Reebok Nano 9.0, £99.95

Best trainers for different workouts

Enter any CrossFit box and chances are someone will be wearing a pair of Reebok Nano kicks. The latest version has been designed with insight from the CrossFit community and has been engineered to provide stability for explosive lifts, as well as cushioning for bar-facing burpees and box jumps. Take your pick from 20 different colourways.


Puma Jaab XT, £65.00

The Puma Jaab XT will fit the bill if you want a training shoe for all-purpose workouts. The design has been inspired by the light, multi-directional footwork required of boxers and offers stability for lateral and agile movements. Plus, webbing support and rubber wrap-ups ensure a snug fit and good traction.

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