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On frosty January mornings, the hardest part of a workout can simply be getting there: leaving the house, taking the Tube, packing a bag, all the while staying motivated. The answer to those lazy Sundays when you want to move but with minimal effort is MY:METHOD. Charlotte puts it to the test.

I’m a fan of weekend workouts (so long as they’re followed by brunch, of course.) However, they have to be convenient and local, so discovering this at-home workout was a game changer for me.

The concept is Pilates or yoga to your doorstep, and it has 150 teachers operating across London. You can pick at home, in the office, wherever. All you have to do is select a convenient time, fill in a few questions about your level of experience and what you’re looking to gain from a session, and away you go. It’s like your own personal trainer, as little or as often as you want. You can choose to work out in a small group or solo, and you can choose if you want your workout to focus on rehab, or be more dynamic, and so on.

Photo: @mymethodlife

I booked an 11am class, and then realised I had precisely no equipment, but I needn’t have panicked. At 11 on the dot, Lucy turned up at my door (I had previously been sent her photo and a bio), with mat, resistance band and ball in hand. Set up is minimal and the only space required is for that of a mat, so we started my workout within minutes.

It’s incredibly convenient exercising at home: I had a shepherd’s pie in the oven without panicking it would burn and because I saved travel time, I was able to put a wash on rather than stressing about having to do it later.

The session lasted an hour and because it was one on one and I had nowhere to hide, it was one of my better workouts, where I pushed myself, Lucy corrected my form, and I listened. We starting with a legs section, before moving into abs and upper body, and the 60 minutes flew by.

Afterwards, I quickly showered in my own bathroom and was at brunch in record time. Now that’s a win-win.

MY:METHOD 5 session pack from £80 per class, 10 session pack from £75 per class.

By Charlotte

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