Tarot February 26th: Seeking Wisdom with the Hierophant

Welcome to your February 26th tarot message! The Hierophant is the fifth major arcana, representing spiritual wisdom, tradition, and religious structures and institutions. This is a very high vibration tarot card, so sacredness is on the horizon… What Does the Hierophant Symbolism Represent?  The Hierophant depicts a holy and religious … Lire plus

Tarot December 26

Tarot December 26: Achieving Harmony and balance with Temperance’s guidance

Welcome to your December 26th tarot message! Temperance is the card of purpose, patience, and balance, also representing your Higher Self. Temperance stands for healing, self-alignment, and angelic contact, your superconsciousness and connection to the divine. What Does the Temperance Symbolism Represent? The Temperance card depicts a large winged angel … Lire plus